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Bearish Gratitude

July 18, 2013

Tags: Picture Books, Bears, Writing Life

This week I got the lovely news that The 3 Bears and Goldilocks, my take on this ancient story, has been reprinted. I had also recently received the news that all 3 Beatrice books have been reprinted and are thus, "still alive" in the children's book world Even though I am so involved now with longer fictions, including adult fiction, I am so grateful that these books are still out there, still being purchased by parents and librarians. Sometimes I will read an entry on a blog by someone who has just discovered one of my picture books and is responding to it as though it were just published! That is a treat beyond words. And being able to still connect with children, through these books, has never been more important to me.

And I know I have a few more good picture books in me. Just have a few good novels to finish first!