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August 9, 2012

Tags: 4 Secrets, Summer of Silk Moths, Bullies

Mrs. Shield, The Great She
Katie's Journal: "I like Mrs. Sheild, Journal. I like that she doesn't seem upset or shocked that I'm actually in juvie. She doesn't treat me like a criminal, she just talks to me really straight, no feeling sorry for me, no tears."

Nate's Journal: "I am lost, Great She. I don't know how much longer I can last in here. I wish I could tell you everything, but there is danger all around me and it will be worse when I get out if I do not keep my promises."

(NOTE: Many thanks to editor Andrew Karre for helping me to remember that 4 Secrets is not about Greta Shield's secrets, not her story at all; the quest belongs to the three young "prisoners," despite her devotion to them.)

My dear friend Virginia Gordon, to whom FOUR SECRETS is dedicated, made me promise that I would not redeem the cruel and desperate bully, Chase Dobson, who is responsible for the chain of events that lead his 3 victims to juvenile detention. She knew me well, to make me promise that. She knew that I have an ongoing impulse in my work to transform/reform my characters, as I did with Nora in SUMMER OF SILK MOTHS. She was right on this one. Thank you, Ginny. I miss you.

Illustration by Bill Hauser

More Return to Limberlost

June 4, 2012

Tags: Summer of Silk Moths, Girl of the Limberlost, writing life

Holding a portrait of Gene Stratton Porter
Happy, happy at Moth Fest. All mothy and mothery.

Return to Limberlost

June 4, 2012

Tags: Summer of Silk Moths, Girl of the Limberlost, writing life

Last weekend I was invited to Geneva, Indiana to be part of a moth festival at the Limberlost State Historic Site, the homestead where Gene Stratton Porter actually wrote both GIRL OF THE LIMBERLOST and FRECKLES. There I spoke about moths, my love for GOTL, my Michigan childhood, and my 2009 novel A SUMMER OF SILK MOTHS. (more…)

A Continuation of Moths and Metamorphoses

July 16, 2011

Tags: writing, Summer of Silk Moths, The Pact, Bella's voice, Michigan Gwen Frostic Award

Moths and Metamorphoses is the blog I started with the publication of A SUMMER OF SILK MOTHS in 2009. I am now starting a new record of my observations, projects and concerns as a writer in the process of tranforming (more…)