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Short story published at Literary Mama

May 17, 2013

Tags: How she left, autobiographical short stories, autobiographical short stories.

The first story of my novel told in stories has been published at Literary
The story is titled "Simple Addition." The novel, which I was calling HOW SHE LEFT, is now titled ADDITIONS.

Here is the link.

Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

April 8, 2012

Tags: autobiographical short stories, Four Secrets, writing

This song is an anthem for one of the sisters in my short story collection, tentatively titled, HOW SHE LEFT. It is from my past, sung by the late great Sandy Denny in the 60's--I love it and my character loves it, plays it over and over--it (more…)


December 30, 2011

Tags: autobiographical short stories, writing, writing process

I had hoped to finish a first draft of a novel-in-stories, but the month of December was filled with tasks and programs and holiday concerns that took me away from a solid writing schedule. That's okay. I am about two-thirds finished with this new project, tentatively titled HOW SHE LEFT. Now it will take (more…)

A Lush October, Many Projects

October 25, 2011

Tags: Bella's voice, The Pact.writing, autobiographical short stories

I am currently doing final revisions on THE PACT for Carolrhoda Fall 2012 as well as piecing together short stories with a strong autobiographical content--stories of two adolescent girls growing up in a large, chaotic family.
The PACT revision is a more analytic process--taking something I wrote 2 years ago and solving problems in logic and (more…)