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A Rather Adult Young Adult Novel, 2014
A Young Adult novel, 2012
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A 2010 Green Earth Book Awards Honor Book
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A new twist to a very old story. Beautifully illustrated by Heather Solomon.
A tall tale from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Winner of the 2002 Charlotte Zolotow Award for best writing in a picture book. Available in hardcover and paperback.
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A collection of essays about Fairy Tales

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August 6, 2014

Tags: Writing Life, little Beatrice

We are reading Babar Learns to Cook, a great favorite of Beatrice's mother, Chloe Joanisse.
This is the crux of my writing life; sharing stories for children, bringing to life the power of books and words and poems and stories. This is my granddaughter Beatrice, named after my husband's mother, who was the inspiration for my CLEVER BEATRICE books. No matter what I write, no matter how it is received, the moment captured in this photo in August is at the beating heart of all my work. It is fleeting and ordinary. It means everything to me.