Selected Works

A Young Adult Novel, 2014
A Young Adult novel, 2012
Adults and Young Adults
A 2010 Green Earth Book Awards Honor Book
Younger Readers
A new twist to a very old story. Beautifully illustrated by Heather Solomon.
A tall tale from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Winner of the 2002 Charlotte Zolotow Award for best writing in a picture book. Available in hardcover and paperback.
Works in Progress
A new novel, maybe adult, maybe YA
A collection of essays about Fairy Tales

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Silk moths, family secrets and a lost girl.
A novel for all ages.

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FOR TEACHERS About my program for middle school and high school students using the novel

I have developed a video-conference for older students that emphasizes the link between creative writing and science, specifically Lepidoptery (the study of moths and butterflies) and environmental and natural science (creation of a protected ecosystem).
During this 1 hour program, I briefly relay the plot of my novel for young adults, A SUMMER OF SILK MOTHS, describing the process of writing the book and creating the four main characters, each of whom becomes fascinated with giant silk moths, their life cycle and habitat. I also focus on the special challenges of creating a character who is a young scientist, obsessed with silk moths and committed to creating a nature center out of an inherited piece of property on the St. Joseph River in southwestern Michigan.
The above takes roughly 25 minutes, after which I take questions from the students about the novel, the process and profession of writing and any other questions they might have.

Please note that it is not necessary for students to read the novel in order to participate in the program.

This program is currently being offered as an ASK video conferencing program. Schools may sign up for a program to take place on March 20, 2012.
To contact ASK and schedule your class or classes for this program, click on the link here and then click on Projects and select ASK.

To schedule a program at another time, please go to my contact page and contact me directly. If you are interested in scheduling an actual visit to your high school or middle school, please contact me directly.

"Margaret Willey's program was unique in that she talked
about both the science aspect of her book and the creative
personal aspect. I was impressed with all the benchmarks
and common core she integrated into her program. It was
all very well done and really got the kids thinking about
becoming better writers themselves."

-Tamara Basil, GHAPS, 6th grade English/​Science Teacher