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A Rather Adult Young Adult Novel, 2014
A Young Adult novel, 2012
Adults and Young Adults
A 2010 Green Earth Book Awards Honor Book
Younger Readers
A new twist to a very old story. Beautifully illustrated by Heather Solomon.
A tall tale from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Winner of the 2002 Charlotte Zolotow Award for best writing in a picture book. Available in hardcover and paperback.
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A middle grade novel
A collection of essays about Fairy Tales

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Writing about FOUR SECRETS

June 22, 2012

Tags: Four Secrets, writing process

Here are various topics that I have been sketching essays for: 10 Things You Didn't Know about Juvenile Detention, The Bullied Child as Hero, Bullies in Classic Literature about Growing Up, and Facing Up to your Inner Bully. This last one is based on my belief that we all engage in bullying behavior sometimes in the process of becoming adults and learning compassion. What's scary is how rarely adults reflect on their own guilt and cowardice when faced with the subject of bullying. Everybody has tough school memories: being bullied, observing bullying, ignoring routine cruelty, refusing to intervene out of apathy or fear. All stuff I am so interested in. Great summer project, along with writing autobiographical essays on the theme of various fairy tales that comforted me and freaked me out as a child.

Discussion Guide

June 18, 2012

Tags: Four Secrets, Carolrhoda Lab

Discussion Guide recently created by Carolrhoda Lab for FOUR SECRETS:

see it here


June 11, 2012

Tags: Four Secrets, Carolrhoda Lab

Crows & Secrets
These came in the mail while I was at Mothfest in Indiana, surprising me. Glossy and stark and bundled--hundreds of bookmarks. I think they are beautiful. Can't wait to hand them out--take one! take one!

More Return to Limberlost

June 4, 2012

Tags: Summer of Silk Moths, Girl of the Limberlost, writing life

Holding a portrait of Gene Stratton Porter
Happy, happy at Moth Fest. All mothy and mothery.

Return to Limberlost

June 4, 2012

Tags: Summer of Silk Moths, Girl of the Limberlost, writing life

Last weekend I was invited to Geneva, Indiana to be part of a moth festival at the Limberlost State Historic Site, the homestead where Gene Stratton Porter actually wrote both GIRL OF THE LIMBERLOST and FRECKLES. There I spoke about moths, my love for GOTL, my Michigan childhood, and my 2009 novel A SUMMER OF SILK MOTHS. (more…)