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Essay about Writing Four Secrets

April 1, 2014

Tags: Four Secrets, Bullying, Writing process

The Fall 2013 ALAN Review
I have posted a PDF of my Guest Column in the Fall 2013 ALAN Review on both the home page and the FOUR SECRETS page of my website. The essay traces the long and winding road that eventually led me to an illustrated novel for middle grade readers (a crime novel, some have said). It includes my own experience as the mother of a daughter who was bullied in high school and who didn't tell me what was happening (something awful) for a very long time.

"Why are they doing this to me, Mom. Is there something wrong with me?"

Proud of this essay & realizing that it feels in some ways like a goodbye to the process of writing FOUR SECRETS as I move into the territory of a different sort of bullying, the parental kind, and a very different novel. Beetles are coming.