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Four Secrets, Fall 2012

Chosen by ALA Booklist as one of the 10 Best Crime Novels for young readers in 2013.

Booklist **starred** review.

"(R)ich in unique voices, Willey’s story masterfully teases out information until the final pages—and the ultimate revelations are well worth the torture." Booklist, October 2012

Lovely review from Roger Sutton at the Horn Book Magazine:

"...(R)eaders will piece the real story together along with Greta, who does some detective work of her own. 'There is a secret story and it is inside of another secret story and that one is inside of another secret story,' writes Katie, and the four secrets, one about each of the teens, are satisfyingly juicy yet given depth by Willey's understanding of the complexities of friendship, a theme she's pursued since her first YA novel, The Bigger Book of Lydia, was published in 1983." --Roger Sutton, The Horn Book Magazine

Top Choice Award for Four Secrets from FlamingNet
Read the full review HERE

Excerpt from Teen Ink Review:
This book was completely fantastic. Margaret Willey does a great job of creating a realistic atmosphere that draws you into the book and gives each word a purpose. She is able to combine a stunningly realistic story that combines action, mystery, emotion, and reality for a teenager into a great story that I absolutely loved. Four Secrets is a great book I would recommend for anyone who is serious about reading and loves to get into the emotion and feel of their book.